Monday, May 9, 2011


Gevorg! [<---NON-FAMILY READERS: It's a long story] 

Yesterday was such a wonderful payoff for a pretty hard week. The two Ogden kids were adorable dressed in white and even though they usually try to be as mischevious and goofy as possible, they both had big grins on their faces as they came out of the water. I hope they remember the feeling that they had yesterday as they grow and face challenges. It was a wonderful experience. When we gave them their jumpsuits, Johnathan didn't want to wear white and we had to explain to him that it wasn't a fashion statement, but symbolic. Little Kaylee came out and said, "Sister Nelson, what's the opposite of tight?" "Loose." "Yeah. That's what my jumpsuit is." She's SO cute. She's missing one of her front teeth and has a little lisp because of it. She's very loving and bright. Johnathan already loves reading his scriptures and he's adorable, too, because he can't say his "R"s. And what a blessing that they're part Asian, like me.


I loved talking on the phone with yuns. I'm sad I didn't get to talk to Joel or Dahlia, but I'm grateful that I got to talk to the other 15 of you. Thank you for the advice and thank you for being interested in my investigators. It was very comforting to hear your voices, especially after the week or so I had.

Dad, I read D&C 58 and I loved it. Especially the beginning about how blessings come after trials, haha. I also like how it said that we go to the rich and to the poor. Sister Gossett doesn't like tracting homes, only trailers because she says that people are more humble there. But I think we should tract mansions, homes, trailers and shacks. I don't think it should matter. I told her last night and hopefully we'll start being less picky about where we tract... when we tract.

Our 'neighbor' that we named Hagrid.  I have these gross jelly beans that I hate &
 I give  him one whenever we go to or from our car.
The dog next door is my ray of sunshine. Sometimes while Sister Gossett is sleeping I'll open the door and give him some candy and pet him. There's also the people that we teach. They're of course my favorite part. I don't know why but I have a soft spot for the old men. Willard is such a BYH. I really hope he can get out of his living situation because his niece and her boyfriend sell drugs and so sometimes when we stop by they tell us we have to leave. I know he's miserable, but he has nowhere else to go. I think he'll get baptized pretty quickly and hopefully sealed to his wife who died a couple years ago. He misses her a lot. After my talk with yuns last night I've decided to re-work my door approaches and be more bold, so I'll let you know how that goes. 

Something I forgot to tell yuns last night: The Ogden kids live in a little town called Williamsburg about a half hour outside of Corbin. The streets here are weird and not well marked and there's a bunch of oneway streets and it's hard to tell which ones are which. Anyways, we were leaving Williamsburg and we were trying to get on the freeway and it was late at night so it was dark and Sister Gossett turned onto what she thought was the onramp. We drove for a second and then we saw two huge signs of either side of the street that said "WRONG WAY". We were driving the wrong way onto the OFFramp. I immediately started screaming and thinking about Planes, Trains & Automobiles, fearing for my life. Sister Gossett yelled at me to stop screaming and pulled to the side and flipped around while the cars that could have killed us slowed down and waited. It sounds really scary but the only thing we could do is laugh and almost cry, but mostly laugh. It was crazy.  Sometimes it feels like our investigators are driving onto an offramp the wrong way and we're holding up big red signs warning them of the danger. Luckily, the Lord watches over those who pay attention to the signs and correct their errors before things get too dangerous. I feel like Papa Elf taking something and relating it to the gospel.

People Who Get Extra Blessings this Week: Ava Robinson, Grandma & Grandpa Pinegar, Paige & Hayley.

Word of the Week: Waller'd. When you sit on the couch the wrong way and the cushions get deflated and awkward, they've been waller'd. When you've just ironed your clothes and you throw them on your bed and then forget they're there and lay on them, they get waller'd. A dog can waller a flower bed. I get in trouble with Sister Gossett for wallering the couch all the time.

I love you all and am excited for this week! Keep Michael in your prayers! Have a fun time in Florida, Mom & Dad! The Church is TRUE! Share it!

Love, Sis Nelson

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