Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ok. I guess I should write this. I've been dinking around reading old emails because I don't want to write because this has been the longest week I've had since the beginning of my mission. But at least it's been a good long. I just can look back on Thursday and feel like it was three weeks ago. I already know I'm going to leave stuff out, but I'll give the best highlights I can.

Worst things first: Trinia won't talk to us. She won't answer her phone or the door. The other day we knew she was in there and we asked her to open up and we even sang a hymn on her porch. But she wouldn't come out. It's been hard. I hope she'll recognize the difference in her life without the gospel and that she'll know she can call us when she's ready.

Elder Edwards, Sister Noakes and I are all from Las Vegas
 and all used to be in the Kentuckiana District together.
 They're in the other zone that meets with the
 Lexington Zone at 
Zone Conferences
so we had a reunion.

Best things second: Adam! So, we had zone conference on Tuesday and it was amazing   and after Zone Conference we started a blitz with the Corbin Sisters since they had to drive past Berea to get back to Corbin we figured it would save them miles instead of having to come back up another week for the blitz. Anyways, I was with Sister West and Sister Mickelsen was with Sister Earl. Because we've been trying to make sure that Adam and Maelyn's testimonies are individual we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to teach them individually. Sisters M and E took Maelyn and Sister W and I took Adam. We met Adam at the library and we were going to show him around Mormon.org but when we got there he wanted to talk about the night we'd had at the Prices' watching that movie about Christ in America, The Testaments. 

So we did. Then he said he wanted to read about it in the Book of Mormon so we started reading in 3 Nephi. Then we started talking about Christ and sadness and hope and everything. Then he brought up temples. He wants to go inside one so badly. I told him that he will go inside one someday, after his baptism. And he was like, "Yep. For sure." I was taken aback a little because he usually laughs a little when I mention his baptism. But this time he agreed with it. So I asked him about his prayers and the answers he's seeking. He said that he hasn't had any answers yet but that he's been getting help that he's needed. I asked for what and he said for patience and purity. He said he's been so peaceful lately. So, we read Galatians 5 with him and talked about the fruits of the Spirit and talked about recognizing that his feelings are his answers. Then he asked what he'd have to do in order to be baptized and when he'd have to quit smoking and coffee and then we talked about a baptism date and I asked him to pray to know when the Lord knows he can be ready for baptism. He said he would! 

The next day we said a prayer together and looked at my calendar and he said, "October 27th." And so he has a date to be baptized on Hayley's birthday! It's so neat to see how the Spirit has been gradually working on him. He told me that his Mom will disown him and he's going to be homeless because he can't live with Maelyn anymore and he can't live with anyone else because they're all pot-heads and he can't be around that temptation. He's looking for a job right now but he said if he has to live in a tent to be baptized he will. We're praying really hard that he'll find a place to live. I know the Lord will bless him. Sister Mickelsen says, "Sometimes the Lord empties your hands so He can fill them with blessings." Please pray for Adam. The adversary is already attacking him. He's already having people die and go to the hospital around him so he can't make our lessons and he missed church yesterday, too. He's going to be such a great asset to the Church. Satan does not want him to join. Please pray for him. Oh, and after our lesson he asked what Sister West and I were doing next and we told him we had a lesson with some people and he asked if he could tag along. 

 So he came and we had almost a member present lesson (which is the best lesson to have with an investigator) except he's not a member yet. So it was like an investigator present lesson. He came in and invited them to church and really connected with them because he's really country and so are they. Then he was like, "Do they have a Book of Mormon?" "Yes." "Good. You should have them read from Three Nephi. Have you read Three Nephi yet? You'll love it!" Later on he brought up Priesthood and was like, "There's two kinds. There's the Milk... Milk? What's the Milk one called again?" Haha. So then we explained Melchizedek Priesthood and the Aaronic Priesthood. It was awesome. He's awesome. Oh yeah. And he's half Native American so he said he'd make me a dream catcher. He says that helps with his nightmares. I just love Lamanites.

The creepy spider is dead! Sister Mickelsen never would do it so there's this girl who has her papers in and is waiting for her call and she comes with us to appointments and stuff and she was over and before we left for an appointment I begged her to kill the spider so she got her shoe and flung him from our window onto the ground outside and then she went downstairs and smashed it and I could finally breathe again. I sent a pictures so you can take in just how big that thing really was. I will forever be a friend to Lainy Barrick because of the service she gave me in killing that spider. 

So, those who know me fairly well know that I love the show, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Well, we were talking to this lady named Julie (I sent a picture last week of her and her adorable fifth child, Junior. Well, she was telling us about having her first child. She said she had really bad cramps one day and went to the hospital and she found out she was in LABOR! She was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and had NO IDEA! She hadn't gained weight and was on birth control and didn't ever feel him kicking or anything. She went from being a regular person to a MOM within an hour. It was crazy! It made me happy that I actually met someone who didn't know she was pregnant! My life is almost complete!

Berea had its annual Spoon Bread Festival this weekend. Spoon Bread is like soggy cornbread. It's not THAT bad though. It's just different. Anyways, during festival times, all the billies come out from their hills and it's the perfect place to talk to people. We walked around for a couple hours and met people and it was great. There was one thing at the festival though that I HAVE to tell you about, only because it's so Kentucky. We were walking and saw a big blow up thing like those bouncy houses people rent for their kids' birthday parties. This was shaped like a tunnel though and you could walk through it. But it was an ENORMOUS COLON. It was Kentucky's creative way of showing the different stages from a healthy colon to a sick colon. I couldn't believe it. And people were walking through it! Sister M was like, "Do you want to walk through it?" I was like, "My mother would never let me back into her house if she knew I had walked through a colon." We chose to walk around the colon. Gag. Haha.

Question: What do you say to an investigator who complains about the women who knit during sacrament meeting? I just told her, "It bothers me, too. It is not appropriate and I'm sorry that she does that." I didn't know what else to say.

One of our next door neighbors is a guy named Yohance. He's a tall, skinny, black guy and he's living with a short, round, white girl. Any quesses on how you pronounce his name? Here you go: it's yo as in "Yoda", han as in "Han Solo" and ce as in "Jar-Jar Binks". Fine... it's ce as in "Say what?" It reminds me of when Sis and BIL were dating and I used to call him Broance.

I met these people in the ward on Sunday who are related to us. Their last name is Meeks. They're from the same Athe Meeks who got killed by a tomahawk. They're from Priddy's line. We're from Athe Jr.'s line. Crazy. Cousins in Berea and cousins in Corbin and a Papaw and Mamaw in Salem. Haha.

The other night Sister Mickelsen and I were leaving the church in Richmond to get to an appointment in Berea.  The appointment was is an area that's so sketchy and cars get broken into all the time there and there's just a lot of creepy people around at night. The people asked us to just stop by for a second before going home. It was dark and if I had been thinking clearly I would have said we shouldn't go. But I was worn out from the stress of the day and neither of us thought about it so we headed to Berea. Well, the on-ramp to the freeway was closed so I decided to take the old highway. We headed south for 45 minutes and DID NOT TURN EVER. I don't know how, but after heading south for 45 minutes we pulled up in the Church parking lot again. No, it's not some loop I didn't realize I was on. I've tried repeating it in the daytime and can't figure out how we ended up back at home. We actually traveled home successfully the second time in that exact route we tried to take the first time. I don't know how it happened. It was the Bermuda Triangle effect or something. It was crazy. We were screaming because it was so wierd. Later I felt like the Lord was protecting us from danger that we would have met if we had made it to that appointment. Because we had to make the trek from Berea to Richmond a second time we barely made it home by curfew and had to skip seeing those people in the sketchy neighborhood. I know the Lord did that to protect us. I'm very grateful He did.

Ok. Well, I'm sorry, but I have to run. We just got talking to this guy in the library and we're going to have a lesson with him tomorrow. But I ran out of time on here because we were talking to him for so long so the computer is going to kick me off. But actually I'm not sorry. I'm excited to teach him.

Quote of the Week: "He that tooteth not his own horn, his horn never tooteth."
Extra Blessings: Dad, Paige, Pinegar Grandparents & Otie

Aunt Suzanne emailed me and shared with me something so profound that the new temple president in Brigham City shared at the dedication. He talked about how when Christ comes again and invites us to come see him in the temple, we won't be able to quickly call our Bishop and Stake President to ask for a recommend. They'll be with the Savior. So, we need to always have and be worthy of a recommend. I'd hate to be like those 5 virgins who were without oil in their lamps when the bridegroom came. We should always live worthily to go to the temple. Not only will it save us heartache, but it will bring us blessings.

I love you all. The Church is TRUE! Share it!

Love Yuns,


PS- Sorry I didn't get time to edit this. I hope it makes sense.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 Thank you for your prayers this past week. I know that the way I've been able to get through this week is because of your prayers. It's been hard to not be in Salem for the funeral and to be with Brother Vonnahme. But I've been blessed with a busy and stressful week here so I haven't had much time to be depressed. It's been go, go, go every day and by the time I get home at night, I can't wait for my head to hit my pillow. Sister Mickelsen has been really good about giving me my space when I need it and asking me how I'm doing but not prying. I talked to Papaw Marvin last Monday and he said that it's going to be hard without Judie but that he's glad she's not in pain anymore and he knows their marriage is still in tact, it's just been put on pause for a while.

Close up on my guess at dad's favorite picture from the poster. 

National Chicken Month. Please notice all the awesome pictures. 

 This month is National Chicken Month. Why did I never know this until now? Probably because chickens aren't that important in the west. But they are out here. Just think about it: out of all the things in the world that you could devote a month to, what would you choose? An entire race got February. I'm not sure what the other months are, but I'm really happy that out of all the things to pay tribute to, and out of all the animals in the world, Chickens got their own month. So, eat some chicken or some eggs or play chicken or bawk instead of talk and strut instead of walk this month. Sorry I only informed you all halfway through the month. You could have already been celebrating these last two weeks.
Spider in the day
There's this enormous spider that has built a web across our entire window upstairs in our apartment. It's bigger than a half-dollar. It's easily the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life besides a tarantula. I can't open the blinds anymore because of it. Sister Mickelsen took some pictures of it and I'm sending them to you only so that you'll realize how hairy and multi-colored and terrifying it is. I don't know what to do about it. I want to call the Elders and make them kill it for us but Sister Mickelsen says not to and that she'll kill it but she never does. I HATE it!  

Spider at night
 We had some really good lessons with Adam and Maelyn this past week. They're both progressing at different rates in different areas. Maelyn will read and study and remember things and keep appointments. Adam will come to church and ask real deep questions. Maelyn keeps appointments but doesn't make it to church. Adam skips appointments but stays for all three hours. We've realized that we're going to have to start doing separate things for them. They aren't married and they aren't going to get married. They just used to date and still live together and it's really confusing. In a lesson on Friday Sister Mickelsen went to one part of the room with Maelyn and I sat in the other with Adam and we talked a little bit about nightmares because he has them, too. And then we talked about finding hope in a depressing world. I feel very strongly that I was sent to Berea in part because of Adam.

 The Price family was nice enough to have the four of us over to their house last night to watch The Testaments and have cobbler (he's the one who reminds me of Richard Dreyfus, she's a tiny Japanese lady). It was really good for Adam. He finally admitted to me yesterday that he knows it's true more than he thinks he does and that he just is afraid of committing to anything because the last time he committed to follow something exactly, it was the army and he had to do horrible things. We're working on building trust with him and Heavenly Father. Maelyn knows it's true but has never moved out of her house and has never had a real job and has never even gotten her driver's license. She needs the self-confidence to know that she can achieve things. She's been so sheltered and never been told she can do anything. But she can! We're just trying to build her self-worth.

Windee: the dog with a spine like a slinky
 Trinia went a whole week without smoking! Then her family bombarded her with anti about how we're a cult and how we're evil and she got so discouraged that she started smoking again and isn't sure anymore if she wants to be baptized. UGH! Satan! It's so frustrating. I've heard her bare her testimony and cry and tell us she knows it's all true and how it makes her so happy. She wants to do the work for he mom in the temple so badly. But Satan won't let people have even one day off. I hate it. We're worried about her. She wouldn't come to church on Sunday. We're hoping to take our Ward Mission Leader to a lesson with us this week. He's a recent convert and actually just went through the temple on Friday and was also sealed to his wife. He said he was hit with anti last year when he joined and we really hope she'll let us in.

A new guy moved in next door named James and he's totally prepared. We taught him and his roommate the plan of Salvation and before we'd teach a point we asked what he believed about it and he'd basically tell us what the plan says. He felt like the plan was very merciful and loving. He was in Iraq for a while and also Afghanistan. Last night he knocked on our door to borrow something and ended up telling us about his life and the things he's overcome and then told us that his little 3-year-old daughter passed away a couple months ago and a few days later his best friend died, too. I'm so glad we taught him the plan. I pointed him to Moroni 8 and I'm sure he'll love it because he was told that his daughter was going to go to hell by a preacher and that upset him. Our conversation ended with him asking if he could be baptized! We've known him a grand total of 3 days. What a neat reversal: usually we're knocking on people's doors asking them to be baptized and instead, James knocked on OUR door and asked if he could be baptized. I like James' method a lot more than the way I've been trying things the last year or so. Seriously though, it was a miracle and a much needed tender mercy after having tons of people fall through and cancel on us this last week.

The lady we think is on drugs came to church last week and her hair was amazing. It looked like when Paige and Hayley and I would play in the pool and do our hair like George Washington. She loved church and that week we were the speakers in Sacrament meeting and apparently told Sister Mickelsen, "Wow! Brooke sure is a great speaker!" Haha. She calls us by our first names. She left a five minute message on our phone the other day and then called back 30 seconds later and was like, "Sister Megan and Sister Brooke? This is Phoebe. I just wanted to you to know that the last message I left was by me. In case you couldn't tell it was me. Bye!" Haha. She's hilarious. We keep trying to get her to call us by our last names but she forgets.

The awesome house of a lady we teach who might be on drugs. We're not sure...  
 We were having a deep discussion with Adam the other night and he was asking why we don't pray with rosaries and about Mary and all that stuff and I said, "Well, we pray to God. Mary isn't God." Then he said how she became a saint or something and said I should go check it out in Jerusalem. Then he was like, "You know Mary died right across the holler from where Jesus died, don't you?" I lost it. Haha. Holler? I didn't know they had those in the Holy Land. I love Kentucky.

We had an activity with the other ward that meets in our building (Yes, it is weird that another ward is close enough to us to meet in our building. Also, we have PEWS in the chapel! It might be the only Sister Area that has pews!). So, we were at the activity and I got talking to a recent convert from the other ward. He reminds me of Art Lindsay in size and demeanor. He was really fun to talk to. He's from Mexico and he spells his name Jaime but it's pronounced "hie-may". Anyways, he asked me where I'm from and I told him Las Vegas and he said he lived in Vegas for one year 20 years ago and he asked where I lived and I expected him not to know. I always reference Summerlin and if they know it I tell them I live close to there. Most people don't know Summerlin. They expect me to say Henderson. If I lived in Henderson, I wouldn't tell people I'm from Las Vegas. Henderson is not Las Vegas. Anyways, I told him and he said he knew Summerlin. Then I told him the Lakes and he said he knew the Lakes. Then he told me he worked at the Citibank in the Lakes! What a small world! He worked like a block from both houses I grew up in. Crazy! It was awesome. And it was neat to think that we both ended up meeting in Richmond, Kentucky and that he had joined the church! 

Sister Mickelsen likes to stretch while she studies.
President and Sister Woodbury came and spoke to our ward yesterday in Sacrament Meeting. They talked on how the Spirit is still and small and that we have to be still to hear it. They also talked about how you never know if the people around you have changed and if NOW they're ready to hear the gospel. President shared several stories of baptisms in the mission of people who weren't ready the first or second or third time they came across the church but that through people fellowshipping and staying in contact and re-inviting them to come to church, these people were baptized. You never know. People might be ready that weren't ready yesterday! Love people enough to ask them more than once if they'd like to learn about the gospel!

Fall is officially here. The leaves are barely starting to turn and the rains are coming down. I'm excited for Sister Mickelsen to see how beautiful Kentucky is in the fall. Also, it's sort of on the DL that I'm in Berea because if people in Corbin found out, they'd bombard me and come up to church here and it would mess with the work here, so if anyone asks from Corbin, tell them I'm in Kentucky, but try to avoid telling them where in Kentucky I am. The Corbin Sisters said they don't know how much longer they can keep it under wraps from Willard and Otie. So, just a heads up.

Extra Blessings: Hayley & Otis x 3

I know that God knows us all personally and loves us enough to communicate with us if we will put in the effort. Pray. Read your scriptures. Go to church. Keep the commandments. Ponder on the gifts that we have from testimonies of the gospel. Read your patriarchal blessings. Personal revelation is real. The question isn't whether or not God is speaking to us. He always is. The real question is: are we listening?

I love you all! The Church is TRUE! Share it!

Love Yuns,



I'm sorry that this is going to be short. I know I should probably be updating you on this week in Berea. But I don't really feel like I can. I just got an email from Brother Vonnahme telling me that Sister Vonnahme passed away on Saturday. I know you know how much they both mean to me. I've been given permission by President to give Marvin a quick phone call. I wish I could be there for the funeral. I know that you all don't know him very well, but if some of you would, I know that he would appreciate a phone call just to tell him that you're sorry and that you're praying for him and let him know how much I love him. Mom should have his phone number. Thank you so much. And please pray for me. I'm going to really need prayers this week.

I'll post the last half of his email to me. He's a great man with a solid testimony. She was the same way:

On Sept 26th we would have been our 53rd wedding anniv., but that is alright we are still married and we will pick it up where left off when I leave terra firma. It is going to be pretty lonely so I will just keep a phone nearby and call somebody when it gets to bad. Well I'll close for now but just remember this You will always be one of our granddaughters where ever you are.

The Gospel is true and will never lead us wrong. The Saviour is always there holding us up and guding our footsteps thru life if we just look for and listen to Him. If we do that we will never ever go astray.

LUV always, Marvin (Papaw Marvin)

I'm grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Happiness and that through the restored gospel and His holy priesthood we are able to access Christ's Atonement. Through Him, we will all live again and, if we choose, that life will be Eternal.

Revelation 21:3-7 says:

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

I love you all very much. The Church is TRUE. Share it.



Sister Vonnahme (the funniest, sweetest, most unique character in the world =
she was a bright spot to all who knew her)


I have never once had a transfer go the way I thought it would. Here I was thinking I'd be in either Paris or Olney and I ended up in Berea, Kentucky! Berea (or "Burr-rear" as the hillbillies say) might sound familiar to some of you. It's actually an hour away from Corbin! I actually did a blitz here last year when Sister Edgerton and Sister Noakes were the Berea Sisters and Sister Clemons and I were the Corbin Sisters! Crazy! I didn't think I'd be sent here because it's so close to Corbin, but the Lord knows my love for the Kentucky foothills and hillbillies so he sent me home (southern Kentucky) to die (finish out my mission). It's wonderful! Berea is actually like a hybrid of Salem and Corbin. It has some of the hills that Corbin has and some of the hillbillies. But it's like Salem because it's more sophisticated and less backwoods than Corbin. It has a college called Berea College and there are tons of international students. We actually have a recent convert from Liberia, and two new gators: one from Zimbabwe and one from Congo.

Me, Sister Clemons & Sister Mickelsen at transfers
I guess I should have guessed Berea because I thought Sister Clemons would be transferred from here because she spent 7 and 1/2 months here and she only stayed because she had to train the greenie that was meant for me. So, now I'm doing the second half of training with the Sister. I guess the Lord wanted she and I to serve together, but He wanted us to serve together in Berea. Her name is Sister Mickelsen. She's from Lindon, Utah. She's really into working out. She said the hardest part about coming on a mission was knowing that she'd have to give up going to the gym. That and not being able to go to the lake. She's very confident and very sure of her opinions. She wants to work hard which I'm excited about.

It feels real good to be back in Kentucky. But I do miss my people back in Salem. It's hard to go from seeing people you know and love all the time to not being able to see them or call them or anything. Plus, I'm not that good at making friends right away. And following Sister Clemons who is a saint has been hard on the investigators. They all miss her a lot. But I'm still glad to be here. Berea has a ton of investigators and the days are jam-packed. It's definitely a contrast to Salem. Berea actually has two sets of missionaries in the ward. We're in the Berea part and then there's Elders on bikes who cover part of Richmond which is actually where the church building is (which is 20 minutes away from Berea).

There's a recent convert here who is like a mix of Willard and Winslow. He got in an accident and went blind, just like Brother Winslow. But he's not ornery and stubborn like Winslow is. Instead he's tender-hearted and emotional like Willard. His name is Shirdy (like shur-dee). He said it's a mountain name. I don't know if he meant that it's the name of a mountain or it's a name that mountain-people use, like way back in the hollers. He's adorable though. He said he loves everything about the church except for one thing: he doesn't like how the Sisters have to move around so much. He misses "Blondie" (Sister Clemons) because she's the one who found, taught and baptized him.

We're teaching a sweetheart man named Buck who cries through every lesson.

We're teaching a lady named Trinia who is trying to quit smoking so that she can get baptized next month. Today we were talking to her about repentance and she asked me where I'm from and I said Las Vegas and she said, "Woah! I bet you have a lot to repent for!" Then she saw my inhaler in my scripture case and thought it was a lighter and she freaked out saying, "Why you got a lighter for, huh?" Haha. Later we encouraged her to pray and read the scriptures before she smoked. As we were leaving she said, "Bye! You girls be safe! Make sure to pray and read your scriptures before you light up, Vegas!" Haha.

The Sisters were teaching a body-builder who is really interested in the church and very sincere, but I found out that his wife said no to him taking the lessons and that he was meeting with us behind her back. We are no longer teaching him. It's hard because he really feels the Spirit and wants to learn more, but his wife is insistent in her stance and we would never want to come between a marriage by being deceitful.

Maelyn & only half of the animals that live in her house 

We're teaching these two people named Adam and Maelyn who are the kind of people I'd be friends with back home. They're real country though. It's great. Adam used to be in the Army and is now dealing with some of the side-effects of that. He's been raised pretty strongly Catholic and is still hesitating on committing to baptism. He comes to church every week though and says that knowing what he knows now he couldn't go back to the Catholic church. He'll get there. Not everyone would spend the night in the emergency room and come to church anyways the next day. I don't even know if I would. But Adam did. He's great. Adam's actually from East Bernstadt which is where Otis is from! But he spends about 5-6 nights a week at Maelyn's. Maelyn knows the church is true but is afraid because of the last church she joined and how things went wrong there. She reminds me of Apey back in Corbin the way she talks. Thick accent and she's proud of it. She introduced me to a new phrase the other day. We were driving in a neighborhood with a bunch of houses in it and she started getting claustrophobic and was like, "I'd never live here. Too many people. When I buy a house, if my husband can't walk outside and pee off the porch, we aint far enough back in the country!" I started laughing and blushing and Adam was like, 'You aint never heard that phrase before?" "NO!" "It's the way us hillbillies tell whether or not a place is fit to live." Haha. I don't know if I'll ever get used to how open people are with their bodily functions as they are out here.

We taught a lady yesterday and watched the Joseph Smith movie with her in her crazy, eclectic house. She had pictures all over her walls of her when she was young; she was gorgeous and so classy. Now she's a Professor Trelawney-type and doesn't wear much clothing but compensates with bright blue eye make-up and bleached hair with dark roots. She doesn't believe in shaving her armpits or her legs. I wondered how such a drastic change could happen to a person's lifestyle. At the end of the lesson we were talking to her inviting her to say a prayer when she interrupted Sister Mickelsen in the middle of her sentence and asked if she liked the movie The Hunger Games. I looked away so that I wouldn't laugh and that's when I noticed a powdery white substance on her coffee-table. Hmm. I'm not saying it was cocaine... It could have been sugar or sand or something. But... the way she was acting and talking... made me wonder. Needless to say, I don't think she'll be an investigator much longer. But you never know. Drug-heads need the gospel, too.

Adam's idea of allergy medicine is drinking honey

We're teaching this couple that's engaged and they're planning their wedding and it's going to be in a barn and instead of chairs everyone is going to sit on bales of hay covered with camouflage blankets.
See why I'm so happy about being back in Kentucky?

At church on Sunday, Adam and Trinia came. The man who was conducting the meeting got up to announce the sacrament hymn but instead bore his testimony for ten minutes. It was hilarious. Everyone kept looking at each other and talking with their eyebrows like, "Umm... what's he doing?" The bishop and the other counselor were having the hardest time keeping straight faces. After his testimony he opened the meeting up for others to share their testimonies for the next HOUR. Then the bishop whispered to him and he jumped back up and said, "I'm gettin' my horse before my cart again! We need to have the sacrament!" If that wasn't bad enough, the hymn was one that NOONE knew. Even the chorister and the pianist. She didn't sing and he fumbled through the whole thing. There were giggles all around and I finally stopped trying to sing and just hid my face in my mop of hair. I thought Adam was going to burst. The first testimony after we actually had the sacrament was a lady who pointed Adam out and said, "I saw you laughing, Adam. It's ok. I was laughing, too. Us Mormons may seem dull, but we can laugh at ourselves when we need to." He liked that.

There's a man in the ward who looks and talks like Richard Dreyfus. I commented on that to Sister Mickelsen and she had no idea who he was. So I named a bunch of movies he's in and she had never even heard of any of them besides Jaws and she said she couldn't care less about seeing that movie. I realized that my companions are usually Paige's age. But this one is actually Hayley's. Yikes! I'm feeling pretty old anymore.

Extra Blessings: Otie x 2

I have to run. I love you all and I hope things are going well for everyone. Safe travels to Mom, Dad & Sis. Happy Birthday, Paige!

The Church is TRUE! Share it!

Love Yuns,

Sis Nelson