Monday, May 9, 2011

AT LAST - A package of pictures

Ignore my drugged-looking face. My ear was still hurting.
This was our first full day at the MTC.
Me, Sister Barrus, Sister Correia

Our first temple walk

Cheesy map pictures
I love this one

Classic Map Picture 

The J's and the Rempe's!!
Our apartment

My desk in Corbin
Wonderful Wal*Mart bedding....& Mom's heart  Pillow
when I'm at our place, I'm almost always wearing this
 Snuggie I bought at "the" Wal*Mart.
(No one here calls it just plain, old "Walmart")

We have two recent converts from Barbourville ("Barbvull")
College dorms

Climbing the stairs to teach our recent converts -
Steven & Keith

In the hills -- our investigator's neighbors raise & fight roosters for cockfights....

They're also very patriotic

On our way to a teaching appointment

Sister Gossett cleaning our ceiling fan after I complained about it for a week

I was trying to avoid an asthma attack

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