Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 23, 2011 - Dreams Come True

After many weeks of sorting, boxing, storing, visiting, relaxing, reading, studying, preparing, and temple attending, not to mention doctor-ing, shot-ing, and shopping, traveling, packing, and finally fare-welling in church by speaking on Charity - which she did with incredible articulateness and testimony, it was time to wish our dearest Sister Brooke a loving adieu.  What better way than with a Kentucky-Derby-style horseshoe of roses?  The ever-vigilant Xian warrior in the background is holding them for her (as we speak) while she is gone. (note his thumbs - this will matter later on on this page).  :o)

Tuesday, March 22 - After some very tender and emotional good-byes to the sisters-in-law and the 5 nieces and nephews (the most difficult of all things to leave behind for Brooke), it was only the 5 of us (Mom and Dad plus these three) who gave final hugs and kisses at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas.  After a little time-killing chit-chat, last minute details and instructions, a few smiles and laughs, and the inevitable sniffles, tears and lingering squeezes, we let her go and watched her head for the security check point with backpack on and carry-on trailing behind. 
 It was not easy.

Luckily, for us (and for her), she was greeted by her two sisters at the Salt Lake airport and taken care of for the rest of the night.  She arrived feeling rather sick and after attempting to eat a little dinner, opted to go to bed.  After a quick phone conversation with Mom the next morning, and a trip to the local Quick Care, she was able to rally herself and have a farewell breakfast with some of her closest and dearest of friends and siblings.

Then, at last, it was off to the MTC - and as Paige would later report to me (Mom), it was so quick and efficient a drop-off service that there was only time to be excited, not sad.  It was only upon hearing this sweet tidbit of news that Mom finally let herself have a good cry.  Seeing a child experience the realization of a lifelong pursuit does it to a parent every time!

We all love you so much, Brooke, and know you'll be an incredible ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Congratulations, Sister Nelson!  Two thumbs waaaaay up!!

*Note to readers - this blog will be maintained and authored by members of Brooke's family while she's away. Her letters and photos will be posted here.  If you wish to communicate with her directly her current contact information will be in the sidebar as well as her email. Be sure to comment - she'd love to know who was here while she was away! Thanks for all your sweet support.*

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