Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Letter from MTC - Already Preaching

 Mom, Dad and Family-

This week has been wonderful. Every day feels like a week so I feel like I can't remember anything that happened before today, but it's all great. I've been recording my audio journal as well, so I am getting most of it recorded.

Today I had my last visit to Cougar Dental. I finally have a tooth! It's nice to have closure with what started four years ago in China. My companions of course had to come with me to the dentist. As we were sitting in the waiting room, there was a man holding a baby and an older lady sitting next to him. He asked us what our tags meant and we were shocked. Cougar Dental is literally the closest place you
 can get to being on BYU campus 
without actually being on BYU campus. We told him we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he said he'd never heard of us. When we said, "Mormons" he said, "Oh. I think I have." He said that he and his wife are out here for business and she had a tooth emergency so they came here and now they're thinking about moving here. His name was Derek and his son's name was Gianni. He's Italian/Greek and Catholic. We told him a little bit about the church before he left, told him about President Monson, the Book of Mormon and gave him pamphlets on The Plan of Salvation and The Family Proclamation. His wife came out pretty quickly so we didn't get much time with him. 

When I went back my dentist told me they are out here because his wife is 8 months pregnant and they are giving the baby up for adoption. I know that the Spirit was telling me to give them the Family Proclamation when I grabbed for something to give him as hurried as I was. I'm also sure the Spirit told me to bring my backpack with my pamphlets in it because I didn't want to and had no reason to, but I thought I should take it for some reason. I hope that they are keeping their 11-month old, but I know they are for sure planning on giving up the new baby. Maybe the pamphlets we gave them will bring them light and peace, whatever their decision is. I felt very blessed to still be in the MTC and somehow happen to run into a family that hadn't heard of the church and be able to teach them breifly. I don't know many people who teach actual investigators while still in the MTC.

Yesterday was a blessing as well. Sister Correia told me she was fasting for some personal things so I decided to fast with her for things that I've been praying about. So, when Sister Barrus and our Elders in our district went to eat we would sit outside and feast on the word and have personal study time. I read 4th Nephi till the end of the Book of Mormon yesterday. What a true and transformative book. Problems melt away and the Spirit enters your heart when you read it.

 Last night we all shared why we're here and what it took to convince us this is where we needed to be in our district. Then we got to teach our teacher with scenarios that are real in her life that she is currently dealing with. Before we started she told us about Joseph Smith's last days before he was killed and then had us take off our tags and look at them as we sang "Called to Serve". It was very powerful. All of the testimonies in that room showed me how much Satan tries to prevent God's children from learning about His love for them. 

I can't wait to get to Kentucky. I leave at 4 in the morning on Monday morning for the airport. It's pretty surreal that it's finally here. I've loved the MTC. The spirit, especially during conference as all 2,500 of us sat and listened together, has and is changing my life. There are prophets and apostles on the earth today that speak for Christ and Heavenly Father. We should listen to their counsel.

I love Sister Correia. I wish I could spend my whole mission as her companion. She has taught me so much about love and endurance. She comes from a very difficult background and her testimony is beautiful. Sister Barrus is teaching me a lot as well.
Sis Barrus and Sis Correia & Me

I had lunch with the Rempes and the J's today. We took pictures and they were very sweet to me. I'll miss them.
The Rempes

My time is almost up. I have so much I wish I could express. Everyone should serve a mission. There are missionaries here in wheelchairs and without arms. If they can do it, so can you.

One more thing I want to share quickly is something I learned from the Book of Mormon as I was teaching a lesson yesterday. In the Tree of Life Dream, people all start out in darkness. Then, they either feel their way towards the great and spacious building or they are beckoned to the iron rod. No one starts out at the great and spacious building, they end up there because they don't know where else to go. Everyone is worthy of being redeemed. Everyone needs someone calling to them from the iron rod. And when we get to the iron rod, we need to hold on with both hands, because the road to the tree isn't an easy one, or else we wouldn't need the rod to hold on to. If the walk was easy we could get there ourselves. Be that voice. And hold on yourselves, with both hands. Don't hold on to anything else or you'll fall away.

I love you all.
-Sis Nelson

PS - The Church is true! Share it!


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God speed to Kentucky Brooke. You are in our prayers and we are sending much love!

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