Monday, April 25, 2011

Bonus Letter - April 18

Brooke sent a letter that arrived midweek with things she forgot to say in her email. They were mostly things she needed us to do or remind us of, but one or two excerpts were worth sharing all around:

Dear Family --

I don't know how, but I always think of more things to write you after I'm done with my emailing. . .

I guess I actually AM allowed to get mail sent to me. You're just supposed to send mail through the mission office if it's close to transfers because if I get moved my mail will take 6 more weeks at least to get to me. . .

Here's a lesson in speaking Kentuckian: Make all 1 syllable words 2 syllables and make all 2 syllable words 1 syllable. For example:
Town ---> Tay-own
Helping ---> Hepn ('n' is silent)
Instead of saying "said" you say "hollerin'."
Instead of saying "you" plural you say, "yuns."
And you don't say "he chews tobacco," you say, "he dips."

[To get] more spiritual: I've realized this week that daily prayer and scripture study is not a suggestion but a REQUIREMENT of those Saints who intend to endure to the end.

. . . The Ensign is awesome and . . . it is modern scripture. I loved, in the April 2011 edition, Elder Bruce R. McConkie's talk on the Savior. It got me wondering though - Why did Christ have to suffer the pains of the Atonement in Gethsemane AND on the cross? Any ideas from Dad or maybe Grandpa?

Also, I liked what that lady said she does with the General Conference edition where she writes a quote for each day to read until the next General Conference. I think I'm going to do that.

I'm sending pictures next week.

The Church is true! share it!!
Love Sis. Nelson

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