Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's in a Name Tag?

Rex, Nina & Dah/Pal...but mostly Rex & Nina;

I miss you guys. The MTC is great! You should both serve missions! (I've had that song "Friday" stuck in my head today & I've been trying to get it out but nothing is working.)

How are you? Miss me? Are you still reading your scriptures and saying your prayers daily? If you aren't you should try to. The Book of Mormon will help you with every little thing in you life. And praying will bring the Spirit and Heavenly Father closer to you.

Something really neat about being a missionary is wearing a tag with your name on it. Everyone knows your name wherever you go. Not only 'Nelson,' but 'Jesus Christ.' That name is on the tag, too. People associate you with Him. Your actions speak for Him. It is making me re-think the things I say and how I act and react to things. It's a big responsibility and humbling blessing. As baptized members of the Church, you represent Christ as well. I'm proud of you for being such beautiful examples of Christ's followers.

Please write me. I love you. The Church is true!

Love Sister Nelson

The Gospel is a Gift - share it!

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Derek said...


I am sorry to hear that, like me, you suffer from SDD--Surrounding Distraction Disorder. To this day, I cannot read or write if people around me are talking. I use foam ear plugs. If they don't have any at the MTC store let me know and I'll send you some. Also, if your companions or people in your district are annoying, the only thing that helped me was fasting. Not just so that I would love them more, but I would ask the Lord to make me not be annoyed. It worked. I didn't figure it out early enough so learn from my mistake. I'm glad that you love the MTC. Take lots of pictures. I love you.