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I'm my own grandma! I'm my own grandma! It sounds funny, I know, but it really is so-ooooh. I'm my own grandma!


Ok, I'm not my own grandma. But I am a grandma... in mission terms; Sister Clemons (my "daughter") is training! She's going to be an amazing trainer. She has her heart in exactly the right place for the work. She knows it takes work and she knows it takes working with the Lord, not just for Him. And I'm not tooting my own horn when I say those things. I didn't teach her those things. She figured them out as she loved the people and strictly obeyed and worked hard. My grandchild's name is Sister Whiting. I'm sure she and Sister Clemons will do amazing things together.


My new companion's name is Sister Hunt. She's from Grand Island, Nebraska. She's almost done with her degree in being a Veterinarian Tech. Her middle name is Jean, as in Erven Jean, as in Jean Anderson. Sister Hunt was Sister Clemons's MTC companion. 

So, usually for transfers we have to find members who will give us a ride to Louisville because we don't have the allotted mileage to drive ourselves. This time we were told by our district leader that we needed to bring our car to transfer meeting. I just figured they wanted to take a look at it and do an oil change or something. So Sister Ford, Leroy and I headed for Louisville Tuesday morning. When we got there we were told to hand in our keys because the Salem Sisters had just won a brand new car! It was like being on the Price is Right except for there wasn't an old man trying to kiss me and there wasn't a skinny microphone in his hand. But it was still pretty awesome.

Killing Leroy - and adopting Elliott Teancum

So, Sister Ford and I killed Leroy and then Sister Hunt and I met our new car. A 2012, just driven off the lot, white Chevy Cruze. I got behind the wheel and realized that I had never driven a car this brand new before. I mean, this car only had the miles on it that it took to drive from the Chevy dealership to transfer meeting. It was amazing. So, Sister Hunt and I mulled it over (well, I actually chose and she accepted my proposal) and named the car Elliot Teancum, otherwise known as ET. Whenever I do a u-turn on a country road and I'm afraid I might not make it I say, "Ellllliot" like ET does in the movie. Whenever I do that he makes the turn just fine. So, we're driving a brand new car. Of course though, he already has some battle scars. We were at a teaching appointment Thursday morning when there was a knock at the gator's door and an old woman was there crying because she had backed into Elliot! He has thick scratches along his backside right now. It's sad. He'll hopefully be better soon.
Saying good-bye to Sis. Ford -- until Friday!!

There's this lady in the Charlestown area that I forgot to write about because I was more concerned about getting down all the info of the tornado experience. But this lady's name is Peggy. She lives in the ghetto with a Mexican guy. She chain smokes and wears belly shirts and had really long, fake nails and wears tons of make-up and is probably in her 60's. She's sort of crazy. She's very less-active but loves visits from the missionaries. She gives a special name to every missionary she meets. The Sisters' names always have to do with angels and the Elders' names always have to do with bears. Some examples are: Baby Bear (Elder Ferguson), Gospel of Knowledge Bear (Elder Banks), Guardian Angel (Sister Mikami) & Christmas Angel (Sister Ford). I had heard so much about Peggy and was excited to finally meet her. When we knocked on the door she opened it and said that she was feeling too sick for a visit tonight. But when we started to say bye and walk away she started talking to us and we ended up having a fifteen minute conversation on her doorstep. I was a little bummed because I figured I wouldn't get a name from her since we didn't come in and have a lesson. As we were about to leave again she said, "I know what I'll call you: Blessed Angel. Because you came in my hour of need." Then she pulled me in for a LONG, awkward hug where she ran her nails up and down my back for about 45 seconds. I don't know how I "came in her hour of need" exactly, but I love my name and now whenever one of the Charlestown Sisters or the Spanish Elders call me I refer to myself as Blessed Angel. You all can feel free to do the same. Speaking of Charlestown, Christmas Angel got tranferred there with Sister Noakes! So she and I will get to do an exchange together this transfer and we'll get to see each other every Friday! We're really happy to still be so close to each other.
Sister Hunt and I have been blessed to find 5 new investigators this week. We doubled our teaching pool, haha. We found one tracting, two from member referrals and two from a potential investigator form from when Sister Noakes and Sister Ford had an exchange here in Salem a couple weeks ago. One of our new gators is named Rex. So now I have my brother, Little Rex, my grandpa, Big Rex, and my investigator, Gigantasaurus Rex. This guy is HUGE. I'm talking close to 400 lbs huge. And he has this teeny Pekaneze dog that follows him around everywhere. They're quite the pair. He seemed interested in what we had to say and invited us in but we didn't have another woman with us so we told him we'd come back with a woman next week.

 There's also this lady named Lisa (or Leeser as Paula Lester would say) that I'm really excited about. She's the one we found tracting. It was one of those "let's just knock one more door" cases and she seems like a real sweetheart. We went back for our appointment a couple days later and she had to cancel because she had an emergency come up. She really wanted to reschedule though. I think earlier in my mission I would have been discouraged but it actually made me more excited to teach her because the fact that something came up right when we were supposed to come over means that Satan DOES NOT want Lisa to hear the gospel, which means that she's ready to hear the gospel and embrace it and become a faithful member of God's church. I just hope that she can withstand whatever Satan is going to throw at her to get her away from the truth. We also talked with a husband and wife yesterday who I love. Their names are Chad and Heather and they have two little girls. At first they just listened to be nice, in the middle they wanted to bash a little, and by the end they seemed at least interested in some of the points we brought up and the questions we raised for them, specifically about the idea of a merciful God making ordinances available to the dead and whether or not their pastor believed in Eternal Families. Please pray for them!

Speaking of praying: Sister Vonnahme is STILL in the hospital.  They removed her gallbladder and fixed a hernia she had.  Plus, they found out that she didn't have a heart attack, she actually has leukemia which is why her white blood count was so high.  she also has 3 blockages in her heart (plus she already has a stint) and still has pneumonia.  They say the leukemia is treatable, but it's still alarming to hear.  They're going to transfer her to a rehab center up here in Salem soon.  I miss the Vonnahmes.  I haven't seen them in almost 2 weeks now.  Bro. Vonnahme has been calling me several times a day though to keep me updated.  Please keep her in your prayers.

There's this lady I've mentioned before named Sis. Naugle and her husband's name is Irvin.  I finally met him this week.  He looked like a skinny Uncle Fester.  It thought it was appropriate seeing how much Erven Tebbs loves Uncle Fester.

Now, I have a couple questions. They both involve you all looking up some stuff. The first one is from the Book of Mormon in Ether 3:4 (pg 492). The Brother of Jared says "O Lord" several times in that chapter. But in verse 4, the second time he says it... is there a space between the O and the L? I've checked in several copies of the text and in all of them it looks like there isn't a space. What do you all think? Don't let this affect your testimony or anything. I'm just curious to know if I'm crazy and seeing things that aren't there. The second involves the new George Albert Smith manuals we're learning from this year. On page 202 there is a painting by Del Parson circa the 1980's. If that was painted in the 80's why does Daniel look just like Johnathan Taylor Thomas did in the 1990's? And now I have something that's not a question, it's just a fact. Turn to Mosiah 8:20 on pg 164 of your Book of Mormon. Notice anything? Wisdom is a girl. It's not a boy; it's a girl. And that's scripture. Just thought I'd point that out... humility may not be a girl, but wisdom is.

The weather here is gorgeous right now. And the blossoms are coming out on the trees. The critters are emerging from their winter hideaways. It's just beautiful. And the weather is perfect. It's in the 70's with a light breeze. At night sometimes we have thunder storms, but mostly it's perfect weather, especially for tracting.

Explanation of the quote of the week from last week:  Brother Hobson was talking about how worldly possessions don't matter as much as the spiritual things and said, "the hearse ain't gonna have no U-Haul on the back of it."  which was basically his version of "you can't take it with you."

Quote of the Week: "Honestly, Heart-Friend, I'd rather drink tequila through the nose."
Extra Blessings: Paige, Papa Elf, Mom, Otie x 2, Bon-Bon & Big Rex

Everything about my testimony rests on the Book of Mormon. In the introduction of the Book of Mormon it tells us that if we will read and pray to know if it's true, the Holy Ghost will answer us. It's kind of like proofs in geometry: if we know the Book of Mormon is true then we know that Jesus is the Christ. If we know the Book of Mormon is true then we know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. If we know the Book of Mormon is true then we know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's kingdom in these days. You're never too young to ask if the book is true. You're never too old to ask again if it's true. He will answer us at any age and however many times we ask. If you haven't gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, don't wait. That testimony will bring you peace and guidance. It will anchor your life in Christ. If you have gained a testimony of the book, strengthen it. Read the book again. Pray about it again. The same peace and guidance will be refreshed within you.

The Book of Mormon is inspired scripture. Joseph Smith is a prophet. Jesus is the Christ. The Church is TRUE! Share it!

Love Yuns,

Blessed Angel

Special Note from Mom:  Brooke wrote a mid-week letter to let us know that she was going to see a doctor for a follow-up appointment regarding some pain she's been having in her abdomen for almost a year now.  They have tried various approaches to solve her problem.  Ultimately, she ended up having laparoscopic surgery which resulted in the discovery of a tumor next to her uterus. She is scheduled to see a specialist next week.  She would appreciate your extra prayers in her behalf.  And so would her family!  Thank you for your continued support.

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