Friday, March 9, 2012

Russian Roulette

Here's my question: Why do people decide to live in a place where the weather is violent enough to wipe everything away within a matter of seconds? Why do people choose to do that? People here have been talking about how horrible this all is, and it is horrible. But then they'll add, "But nothing's as scary as your first tornado. After that they get a little less scary." Oh, the prospect of losing life, home, car, everything, etc. gets less scary? Hmm. But what about the time that you're the unlucky one that gets the bullet. It's like Russian Roulette. Why? Why?

Anyways. This week has been a stressful week. It's almost like a tornado swept through my proselyting area or something. I can't believe this is only the beginning of tornado season. Everyone is saying that that's the worst tornado they've had in about 40 years so we should be safe from here on out, but still, why risk it? Anyways again...

This week hasn't been completely bad. I mean, it's been mostly bad, or I guess sad, but there have thankfully been a couple high moments between the drooping ones. Sister Ford went to see a Gastrointerologist this week. She's still been so sick that we haven't been able to do hardly anything. She's lost 25 lbs. While I was in the waiting room I talked with the people around me and they were all talking about colonoscopies and how horrible they are. It was hilarious. Sister Ford has insisted that she'll only have a scope down her throat, not the other way. This one guy said, "Might as well have them both done at the same time. Because if you do the scope first and then end up having to do a colonoscopy anyways you'll get to thinking and realize that if you have a sore throat after the scope, what's the recovery going to be like after the colonoscopy." I almost had to run to the bathroom I was laughing so hard. It was a whole two hours of talking to these people. One person was like, "I should be embarrassed but if we're here in this office we're all here for the same reason so..." Haha. Sister Ford's face was mortified. I felt sorry for her. But it still made me laugh. While she was gone I actually talked to two women and we're going to go teach them. We're seeing one tomorrow and one later on next week. One of them was raised in Corbin, KY!

There's this woman that we visit named Sister Smith who is a doll. She's in one of the later stages of Alzheimer's so she has a lady named June who stays with her most days. They are a crack up. Sister Smith can't remember much so she'll ask the same question over and over again. June is so patient with her and answers the question every time as if it isn't the 40th time she's told her the information. Whenever you ask Sister Smith how she's doing she replies, "Fat and Sassy!" Haha. She's not fat. But it's hilarious. We talked about starting a Fat and Sassy Club one day. She said, "It'll be great. All we'll do is eat and talk. It will be loads of fun." Haha. Sister Smith talks like the man who did the voices for Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. She holds her self like a bird. Her head wobbles just a little when she walks and she's always smiling. June is the nicest lady I've met here. No surprise she was born in Manchester, KY (where Judy and Mary live) and she's just a huge BYH. She's not a member but she's very nice and will have conversations with you about the gospel. She is quiet and patient and one of those people you expect not to have quick comebacks but when Sister Smith picks on June, June snaps back with hilarious one-liners. Sister Smith likes to do puzzles because they help her mind so she always has one out whenever we come over. She has more money than she'll ever need so she always insists on taking us out to eat as well. Her favorite phrase is, "Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone." She always follows it up with, "You know there's a lot of truth to that." I like her because she chooses to laugh. We saw Sister Smith and June a couple days after the storm. They're always a good pick-me-up.

We had interviews with President a couple days before the storm and he pretty much told me that Sister Ford is getting transferred. It's sad but she's been here for a long time and I hope she'll be feeling better soon and be able to see some baptisms before long. I'm going to really miss her. I've loved all my companions but they weren't the type of girls I would have naturally been friends with before my mission (though they'll be my forever friends now). Sister Ford and I would have been friends before the mission for sure. I really like her and appreciate her. She's not judgmental at all with me and with my faults. She's a good listener and we relate a lot to each other. I forgot to tell you how the appointment went. The doctor is going to do a scope on her on Monday and he thinks that he'll find a bacteria that is carried by water that produces the symptoms she's had. He said the people with this bacteria have to go through the same annoying steps before they're referred to him: first the Dr's think it's the flu, then anemia, then gallbladder. That's exactly what the Dr's have thought so far. So I'm hoping that he finds that bacteria. He said it will be no problem to clear up. He'll just get her some pills and she'll be back to normal in no time. Maybe she and I will be able to serve together again later when we're both healthy. I think we would have been a great team if we would have been able to go full force.

Last week we were explaining the Atonement to this lady and when it finally clicked to her what Christ did she was amazed. She turned to this kind of quiet, awkward kid that was there and was like, "I mean, I like you, but I'm not going to die for you." The kid just sat there shocked. Then she apologized. But it was too hard to keep from laughing. I couldn't hold it in. It was hilarious.

Extra Blessings: Paige, Aunt Suzanne, Grandpa Rex, Krystal Knigge & Otie
Quote of the Week: "I was seriously considering becoming a Catholic priest; then I got my first taste of lipstick. I discovered the wonder of girls and I haven't looked back since."

A lot of people think that the Second Coming is an event. I think it's a time period. I think it's already underway. Look at the world. Look at the signs that are being fulfilled. The Second Coming is here. It will culminate in Christ's appearance. But it's commenced. Repent. Repent before it's too late. There's not only safety if you do, but there's love and peace and joy.

I love you all. I wish I knew how to express all the emotions I've felt this last week. I can't. But the biggest thing I've felt is love: love for others, love from others and Christ's love.

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