Monday, July 25, 2011


... make me gag. 

We had some this week at Sherry's and they weren't my favorite. I made Sister Ralph eat mine because she owed me one from our last dinner appointment. Steven Rodriguez was eating there with us and he didn't like them either and Sherry asked us who wanted the rest of them and I told her that Steven did because he loved them. Steven hated me for a couple minutes. As we were leaving he tried to get me back by saying, "The Sisters told me they want you to fix them some more Fried Green Tomatoes but are too shy to ask you to." Sherry looked at me and I told her that Steven was just saying that so that we could give them to him. She believed me and told him that he doesn't have to be ashamed to ask her directly for things. It was such a wonderful backfire. I'm still trying to mend our friendship because of it. Haha.
On Tuesday we were teaching Willard and we always have our lessons out on his porch. Because he's crippled, if he ever needs anything in the house we go get it for him. He asked us to get him a drink of Kool-aid and when we came back out I shut the door behind me so that the cold air wouldn't get out and so that no bugs would get in. Sadly, the door locked automatically and Willard's key was inside. So, Sister Ralph and I walked down the street to find our friend who is a locksmith but he wasn't home. So, we tried getting open some of Willard's windows. They were all unlocked, but painted shut. Willard said he wished he had a crowbar. That's when we got a brilliant idea. There were these two men who were working on the outside of our house this last week who are really nice and we figured they probably had one. So, we walked home and I walked up to the younger one (with a long ponytail) and said, "Excuse me, but you don't happen to have a crowbar on you, do you?" He stopped what he was doing, laughed really loud and said, "Yuns are the last two people I would have ever expected to ask me for a crowbar!" Haha. Then he asked, "What are you going to do with a crowbar?" "We have to break into our friend's house... don't worry. Our friend wants us to." He laughed and went and got his crowbar and we walked back over to Willard's, two Sister Missionaries with a big, rusty crowbar in our hands. Then Willard and his friend, Jim, switched things up on us. Willard said, "Instead of you teaching me, now I'm going to teach you a thing or two." Then he taught us how to break into a house! Who would have thought I'd break into a house on my mission, but I did! It was pretty cool.
A while ago we got a referral for a girl named Megan Wyatt who had a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and who wanted a missionary visit. We were really excited to go meet her. We drove out into the middle of nowhere (there's a lot of that around here) and found her trailer. Except when we got there the man told us his last name was Wyatt and that there wasn't no Megan Wyatt but that his son was dating a girl named Megan. We sat and talked to this man, Randall, for a while, but he was really crazy. He's Holiness which is an extreme version of Pentacostal which means that they scream and holler and speak in made up languages and heal each other and faint and all that stuff. He proceeded to speak 900 words a minute and tell all about how he's "Jesus only" and how marriage is not ordained of God and how his prayers to God confirmed it to him and how if you're a sinner you can't pray to God and all of this completely and uttertly false doctrine. We left and came back a week later looking for Megan and it was Randall again. 

This week we went back to drop the referral if we couldn't find her and Randall's son, Logan who is 20 said that the referral was actually for him. He's the one who had the pamphlet and wanted to know about our church. We taught him for a little bit but Randall was there so it was mostly them yelling at each other and Logan walking off when Randall would call him a sinner. Finally, when Logan ran off again, Sister Ralph followed him and I had to bite the bullet and stay where Randall was to keep him occupied so that Sister Ralph could teach him something true without his dad butting in. (Don't worry, we were within sight and sound the whole time). I sat there for 45 minutes and listened to Randall talk about how heaven is going to be when we all live inside our own bodies and how in 2012 a new world order is going to take place and all this other crazy stuff while Sister Ralph had a really good discussion with Logan. She set up an appointment to meet with him without his Dad and we went back a day later and taught him about the Plan of Salvation and let him ask questions and tell us his life story and before we knew it, we'd been there for almost 4 hours! We had to go because we're not supposed to stay over an hour, but he really opened up to us and started crying and telling us how his parents have led him down a very, very dangerous path and now he has a little girl and all he knows how to do is cook meth to support her and how he doesn't want that for her. He took the Book of Mormon and can't wait to read it. We're SO excited about him!
Sorry this email is so short, but we've had people ask us to help them with things for the last couple Mondays in a row and we don't have nearly as much time as we used to for Preparation.
Word of the Week: Holler'n. Anything that's a he said/she said is something that they're holler'n. Willard is holler'n about how he wants to buy us a tv. The dogs down the street start holler'n everytime someone passes by. Angie's cousin is holler'n lies to get her reputation rurnt.
Extra Blessings: Dad, Hayley, The J's & Kiera.
I love you all. I love being a missionary. I need your prayers and am grateful for them. Keep them coming! And I can't wait to get my Pinky Book! [an eagerly awaited 2-year Pinegar family project just freshly completed of which she was a contributor - it's a masterpiece!! and on order...]

The Church TRUE! Share it!
Love Yuns,
Sis Nelson

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