Friday, October 19, 2012


Here's how it happened: So, because there are only 7 English Sister Areas if you can find out who will be at transfers then you can figure out who's going where. I had to call Sister Hunt in Salem to remind her to bring something she had of mine to transfers and she told me that Sister Clemons was training this transfer. I instantly asked where Sister Ford is going. She said, "I'm not telling, you won't get it out of me." Silly girl. That told me everything right there. So, I couldn't wait to get to transfer meeting the next morning. As soon as I saw Sister Ford I was like, "Are we serving together?!?!" and she was like, "I don't know." and she tried to hide it from me but her eyes were shouting, "We're going to serve together!" So I said, "You can't hide it from me! We're serving together!" And then we hugged and laughed and she told me that when President had called Sister Clemons the day before (President always calls personally to let people know they are training) he asked to speak to Sister Ford. He knew she'd be upset to be transferred because they have a family of five that she found that is getting baptized in a couple weeks. He said, "I'm sorry Sister Ford. The Lord wants Sister Clemons to train. I do have some news that should help though: you'll be serving in Berea with Sister Nelson." She was like, "Hurray!" Of course she's sad to leave that family but she said the only thing that could have helped her get through this is being back with me. 

We were so excited. We've both been begging him every time we see him to be put back together. At transfers President stands at the pulpit and there's like 100 or so missionaries sitting in the chairs and he just calls a name and the missionary stands up and then he says "will be serving in ____ with ____". Sister Woodbury always gets out a sorting hat and places it next to him. We all try to get him to put it on but he's too shy. So, since Sister Ford and I are such Harry Potter nerds we ran to Sister Woodbury before the meeting started and asked if she would try to get President to wear it and when he got to us if he would shout "Gryffindor!" She laughed and said she'd see what she could do. When he got up to announce the transfers we all shouted for him to put on the hat but he wouldn't. I figured he wouldn't. About halfway through the list he got to us. He said, "Sister Ford (she stood up) will be serving in GRYFFINDOR!" I stood up and we both shouted and hugged and the rest of the room was cheering. It was so unexpected because President is so serious and reserved. When everyone finally calmed down he said, "Just kidding, she's serving in Berea with Sister Nelson." There were cheers again and we were giddy. Everyone came up to us afterward and were like, "How did you get President to do that? Shout Gryffindor AND put you all back together!?!?!" We just responded, "We're magic." Haha. It was so awesome. Sister Ford and I have been having so much fun together. I loved Sister Mickelsen but she and I are very different people. We worked well together that way but we aren't boon companions like Sister Ford and I are. It's amazing the difference it makes in your mood to be paired with someone that you enjoy and who views missionary work the same exact way you do. We can't stop laughing. I think it makes people like us more to see how much fun we're having. It's such a blessing. 

Adam has had an up and down week again. But it's been mostly up I think. We took him to the Berea library to see one of the original Book of Mormons that was printed in the very first edition. It was so spiritual. We held one of the first 500 copies. That book changed lives. It changed my ancestors' lives. Who knows where all that book traveled before it ended up in the library? Who knows which missionary took it with them on their travels? Who knows how many people read those exact pages and picked up and moved everything all to follow the promptings they had received while reading that book? It was great. We loved it and so did Adam. He keeps asking what I want for my birthday and I finally told him I want him to be done smoking by then. He's trying really hard. He's also been reading on his own the last couple days before he does other things that he loves. He didn't make it to church because his "alarm got moved into the other room somehow." Hmm. I wonder how that happened... Maelyn has been hot and cold with us. We're going hiking with them today and hope to have a spiritual lesson while we're there.

We met the fattest cat in the world the other day. I swear she will one day die of diabetes. Her owners call her Sabrina but Sister Ford and I don't think that's a fitting name for such a fat cat so we renamed her "Empress Zhgi Zhgi." We were taking pictures with her and she was getting really mad but she didn't want to move because it's too much work so she would just turn her head away and growl. Sister Ford and I are obsessed with her and talk about her till late hours in the night.

Sister Ford's Birthday is on Saturday and then on Sunday it's Brother Vonnahme's and then on Monday it's mine! Crazy! Please don't feel like you need to send me anything. I don't have room to bring anything else home with me so I'll probably just have to leave it.
Sorry I don't have a lot of time today. We got stuck talking to someone in the library again.
Thank you for the prayers for Adam and the other people we're teaching. Oh! Phoebe played her mandolin for us the other day. It was awesome. She sang us some real backwoods songs about Jesus. I loved it.
Extra Blessings: Sister Noakes, Mom and Dad
Quote of the Week: "Mom, she's a Cat of God! You can't shoot her!"
D&C58:28 talks about how we are agents unto ourselves. We have power to choose. No one decides where we will end up in the eternities besides ourselves. Christ is offering the chance for the Celestial Kingdom. WE are the ones who choose if we will make it.

The Church is TRUE! Share it!

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