Monday, June 11, 2012

A quick update on Brooke's 6-week health recovery journey:

Brooke returned home Easter weekend to have surgery for removal of what was diagnosed as an endometrial mass near the uterus that was benign.  The Lord took great care of her: her neighbor just a few doors down is an OB-GYN surgeon who got her into surgery within 3 days of her arrival and into her 6-week recovery period so quickly that she was up and healthy and fully recovered in time to return to her mission after just one 6-week transfer period.  She will be able to serve all 4 of her remaining 6-week transfers to complete a full 18-month mission and still be home by Thanksgiving!  She was able to enjoy Easter, Mother's Day, family time and friend time, visit with grandparents and relatives, and regain her health -- she returned to the mission field on June 4th.  It was very hard to send her off again and a bit harder for her to leave, knowing how hard a mission can be, but her first letter back home to us dispels all our concerns.  She is happy, healthy, and ON FIRE with the spirit of missionary service.

Our thanks to each of you for all your concern and faith and prayers and notes and well-wishes is boundless.  We don't know how to express how grateful we are for all that was done in her behalf.  The Lord has given us the righteous desires of our hearts in this experience and we are eternally grateful.

As her family we express our love to you -- now! ON with the journey of Sister Kentucky!

Recovering - A visit with Cami Butler, her childhood "Womb-mate"

At home in the backyard with sister, Hayley, and cousins Corey and Katie

An 80th Birthday celebration for Grandmother Marian
 at our home with lots of Nelson family

Last-minute before heading back to Kentucky with Nina and Paige -
Brooke found out Sunday afternoon that she had a 7am flight on Monday
that would take her back to GKLM and missionary service.

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