Sunday, September 25, 2011


A very old one-room church (Established in 1801) surrounded by a little park.

Our front door
The upstairs apartment is for rent if anyone is interested
509 West 4th St. Apt. A, Corbin, Kentucky
The view from our sidewalk

One of the huge trees in our front yard split in two
during a huge storm
Flooding in front of our house

View of Corbin

Center of town 

Breaking into Willard's home with a borrowed crowbar

Seen during the "dog days" of summer when I was literally
Baby chickee

A display in Willard's home of everything "Mormon"
he has, including the photo of us at his baptism

Reading Ephesians 6 about God's armor - as each piece was mentioned
the kids ran around the house to find "armor" of their own....and then fighting, of course.

 Willard in his Sunday best - a white shirt (which his wife never saw him wear) and dress pants (which he would NOT let us photograph with him looking straight into the camera)

Match-matchy red, squared.  At Steven's request.
Sister Woodbury and the Sisters
The Baptizing Lexington Zone

Trailer with an "out" toilet instead of an "out" house
The Noes - they share a house but not clothes.
The one on the right wears the hairpiece.
Neither one has been married.
Mom thinks this picture looks like a page from and ink-blot test
Willard in his "overhauls" - he fell asleep reading his
Book of Mormon while he waited to show them to us.

Boo sleeping in the underwear drawer which is kept just in front of the tv in the living room - convenient for all!!

Evidence of my fishing prowess - one small Blue Gill

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