Sunday, June 26, 2011


Past that gate is our Relief Society President's property
More  of her land
Keith - Student investigator
This is the gazebo where we teach Steven & Keith at Union College
 in Barbourville where they both have scholarships for football.
Union College - main building

Baptisms!  Johnathan & Kaylee Ogden


Steven Rodriguez, Johnathan, Kaylee, & Keith Parker
(aka Keith Beagles)
Steven & Keith were baptized 4 days before I got to Corbin

Kaylee was being "The Holy Ghost"

Birthplace of  KFC

Shh!  Don't tell President Glende about my boyfriend!

 I pass this truck at least 2 times a day

Me 'n Mater - it makes me miss Nixon and Miles

Linda (Jackie's girlfriend)
Brianna (we're teaching her - she's one of
Linda's kids) &  Boo

Brianna's Baptism - Matthew (14), Me, Sis. Goss, Brianna (8), Linda & Jackie
Brianna didn't want someone "old" to baptize her so
we asked Steven who had been baptized
 for a  month to do it.  He was REALLY EXCITED.

All that used to be a tree

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